Poznań [Poland]

Jurek, Poznan_nauczyciel, tlumacz (teacher, translator)
Granica jest wyborem.
Border is a choice.

Ania, Poznan_nauczycielka (teacher)
Milosz, Poznan
Granica jest czymś, co określa każdego człowieka i pozwala stworzyć coś wyjątkowego i niepowtarzalnego.
The border is something that define every man and it allows to create something unique and special.

Monika, Poznan_I make jewellery
Granicą dla mnie jest mój umysł. To on decyduje o tym, co jestem w stawie zrobić a co nie. W życiu wszystko jest możliwe, ogranicza mnie tylko mój umysł.
The border for me is my mind. My mind decides about what I am able to do and what I am not. Everything is possible in life, that’s only my mind which limits me.

Adriana, Poznan_student
Border means development and the constant working on yourself, it means progress, for me it is not connected with any limits, it’s rather about experimenting, a kind of challenge.
Janek, Poznan _bartender, student
Borders means differences, the way to travel and place to build a bridge.

Akash, Ooty_production support
Borders don’t matter. It is an unnecessary demarcation of humanity.
Ula, Walcz_student of health & social care
If there are any borders, we should learn how to cross them. There should be no stopping us in today’s world.
Radek, Walcz_student
Something that divides us but when we cross the border, the border and we become one.

Adam, Koszalin_engineer of building
Granicą jest dla mnie żyć w ograniczeniach, robić pracę, której się nie lubi, nie żyć zgodnie ze swoimi marzeniami. Przekroczyć granicę, to znaczy żyć zgodnie z tym, co czego powołał na Bóg, to mieć relację z Bogiem, nie bać się ludzi.
For me, the border is to live in limitations, to do a work which I don’t like, not to live in according with my own dreams. To cross the borders, it means to live in according with what God created us for, to have relation with God, not to be afraid of people.

Bartolomiej, Poznan_steward
Natalia, Poznan_student
We think that there are no borders except those which are in our minds. Friendship between us is like a perfect proof of no borders. We are living in different places of the world and for us, it is still not a border :-)

Marta, Poznan_student of chemical technology
What is a border for me? The answer for that question depends on each person... Since I finished my adventure as an Erasmus student, it changed a lot. I could even say the borders disappeared for me… But in general, it’s something that you cannot cope with, money or your personality.
André, Poznan_student of energetics
For me the border is something that divides two things, that separates two different realities. I think it is rather real, physical.

Raul, Cascais_eng reporter TV
Border, separation, something that divides.
Filipe, Lisbon_journalist
The border is something that divides two things. Our nowadays must be opened matter virtual and new real.

Agata, Kalisz_art manager
A border is all about your state of mind. It can refer to your own limits – mental, physical, social etc. It can protect you or it can be your worst enemy. A border is an open space – it’s all up to us where and how we want to close it and how we want to name it.

Bartosz, Poznan_uczen (apprentice)
Dla mnie osobiście granicą jest pokonywanie samych siebie, łamanie stereotypów i przyzwyczajeń.
For me personally, the border is outgrowing ourselves, breaking stereotypes and habits.

Michalina, Pawel, Poznan
Pokonywanie granic jest dla mnie pokonywanie słabości i leków.
Overcoming of borders for me means overcoming of weakness and fears.

Urszula, Poznan_student of hotel management and tourism
What is border? For me there are no borders between people and at all. 

People just see some differences, if they change point of view and start to see common things – borders just disappear. See you then: )

David, Hiren, Paul, Chris, Leads
background, divide

Elzbieta, Miedzychod_public administration
We live in the world without borders, relations, friendships, people are in continuous touch.
Agata, Miedzychod_Student of hotel management & HR managemet
Border: Actually we live in globalization century so it’s the time of innovation, technologies so any border does not exist!
Motto: If you want to achieve something – everything is possible :)

Joanna, Szczecinek_resocjalizacja (resocialization)
Granica to coś, co dzieli ludzi zamiast ich łączyć. Granica pozwala nam poznać coś nowego, coś co często jest zakazane.=)
Border is something that divides people instead of putting them together. Border allows us to know something new, something what is often forbidden. =)
Marcin, Szczecinek_administracja (administration)
Granica to coś co powinniśmy ciągle przekraczać by uczyć się ciągle czegoś nowego, życie jest zbyt krótkie by siedzieć ciągle w jednym miejscu zamknięty w siebie.
Border is something that we are obliged to overcome all the time in order to learn something new all the time, life is too short to spend it all in one place locked in oneself.

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